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We serve a different menu each week, featuring five to seven courses created using seasonal produce. Quality and variety are at the heart of Wystube Isebähnli's culinary philosophy. If notified in advance, we can also cater to special dietary requirements.
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You often speak in interviews about being an oenophile and a gourmand. Where's the best meal you've eaten on the road?

Recently, in Zurich, we were told to go to Isebähnli. It's very small and the building is hundreds of years old. It's a mixture of European and exotic flavors; they're cooking right in front of you in this little kitchen. The guy who runs it is originally from Turkey and you just feel like you've known him forever. He has a great wine cellar around the corner, and he'll take you down and let you pick the wine you want. It's the personal touch. We walked out and said, "This is a gem."

Tori Amos




Wystube Isebähnli is located on the premises of a more than 200-year-old wine tavern in Zurich's Old Town. In 2008, it was acquired by Yücel Ersan and transformed into a high-quality restaurant of the same name. Everything in the restaurant is shaped by its past. Today, artists, intellectuals, politicians and businesspeople make up an eclectic clientele that adds to the establishment's unique, international and stimulating yet pleasantly cosy atmosphere.

WINES of the Month


Our passion for wine has been a central focus at Wystube Isebähnli since the restaurant's establishment in 2008. We select our monthly wines from our extensive reserves, so we can match them perfectly to our changing seasonal menus. Since some of our wines are rare, these may not be available throughout the entire month.
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All our precious wines are stored in a 800-year-old vaulted cellar – an atmospheric and inviting place where wines in various bottle formats and vintages from around the world are kept at a constant temperature.

You can book our premises at the heart of Zurich's Old Town for all kinds of events, including wine tastings, private parties, and business presentations.