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Our weekly changing menus consist of 4-5 courses that are based on seasonal and regional market offerings.

We attach great importance to high quality and great variety in all the products we use.

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You often speak in interviews about being an oenophile and a gourmand. Where's the best meal you've eaten on the road?

Recently, in Zurich, we were told to go to Isebähnli. It's very small and the building is hundreds of years old. It's a mixture of European and exotic flavors; they're cooking right in front of you in this little kitchen. The guy who runs it is originally from Turkey and you just feel like you've known him forever. He has a great wine cellar around the corner, and he'll take you down and let you pick the wine you want. It's the personal touch. We walked out and said, "This is a gem."

Tori Amos



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Culinary experiance

Are you still looking for a special gift?
Gift of a culinary experience at the Wystube Isebähnli.
Vouchers worth CHF 150.- / 300.- / 500.-.

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Old, older, historic - sophisticated

The "Wystube Isebähnli" is located in the heart of Zurich's oldtown. When Yücel Ersan took it over in 2008, the premises were already writing over 200 years of history. The resulting restaurant has continued to revive the tradition of wine enjoyment and expanded it with a culinary offering of the highest quality. Illustrious guests from all over the world, including many artists and intellectuals, contribute to its unique, lively and cosy atmosphere.

Welcome to the Wystube Isebähnli !




Liquid Gold

Our guests can enjoy these exquisite wines not only in the Wystube, but also at home, or give them as gifts.

Discover more rarities and exceptional wines in our ERSAN WEIN webshop. For example, Robert Parker's 'sought-after' wines.




Welcome to the treasure chamber

Connoisseurs know where wine feels most at home: in a well-tempered, dim cellar where time seems to have stood still.

In the 800-year-old vaults in Zurich's oldtown, our treasures are waiting to be discovered by you.

We invite you to taste here and to celebrate private or business events.